COSTING & PAYMENT: The client will be asked during the 1st consultation to indicate her budget range and it will be taken into consideration during the design process and fabric sourcing. SEW COUTURE SA cannot guarantee that the design and fabric will fall within the budget, but will endeavour to stay within budget as far as reasonably possible. The cost of the garments are quoted based on the individuals requests and requirements and will depend on the costs of all fabric, haberdashery and labour needed to complete the garment. Costing and pricing will be adjusted in accordance with the fabric and labour required.

In the event that additional fabric and labour is required to alter or complete the garment to the bride’s / client’s specification that was not anticipated, made known during the consultation and design and or at time of quotation; the additional labour required will be charged as overtime at an hourly rate of R1,000 (excl. VAT) per hour. In the event that additional consultations for fitting are required, at the client’s request, to change the garment design during the construction process, the fittings will be charged at R 1,000 (excl. VAT) per hour

In the event that the bride / client purchased and supplied additional fabric during the construction process, additional labour in respect of the preparation, cutting, sewing and finishing of the fabric will be charged for. Should the said additional labour required be more than the allocated time quoted, the labour will be charged as overtime. Payments are to be made via EFT or Credit Card In store. A 70% (non-refundable) deposit is required upon the placement of an order and receiving this or the signed terms and conditions document confirm that you are happy with the said quotation sent and wish to proceed. Please make sure that the deposit is the exact amount of 70%, no more and no less. The balance of the final payment due will be invoiced and payable before final delivery/collection of the garment. No garments will be dispatched from SEW COUTURE SA studio until payment has reflected. Full payment in advance is required for all clients not residing in the Republic of South Africa. No garment will be dispatched if the balance payment has not been settled and the garment will remain the property of SEW COUTURE SA

DEVELOPMENT PROCESS AND DELIVERY: Upon receiving the signed terms and conditions document and proof of payment of the 70% deposit the development process will start. This includes measurements, fabric sourcing and 4 to 5 fittings depending on the design. Once the deposit is paid, the client will receive their scheduled fitting dates, up to the delivery/collection date of the garment. The deposit as referred to above is non-refundable once the fabric has been sourced and paid for by SEW COUTURE SA. Up and till final payment SEW COUTURE SA remains the owner of the raw material and garment. In the event that a delivery/ collection date more that 3-4 days prior to the event is required, SEW COUTURE SA needs to be informed in writing prior to receiving the scheduled appointments.

During each fitting, SEW COUTURE SA will ensure that the garment fit is good and the client is comfortable. The client may give her objective opinion about the garment and it will be taken into consideration. The necessary changes will be made if the designer sees fit, keeping in mind the limitations of the fabric, design and pattern. The duration of each fitting is approximately 30-60 minutes. The first fitting will be a mock fitting, which is a garment fit to ensure that the pattern construction is perfect. Three to four fittings will follow, with the garment to be collected on the final fitting. In the event that the designer anticipates that more fittings than usual are required, the client will be notified as soon as possible.

All garments must be paid for in full before the date of collection. All garments dispatched via SOUTH AFRICAN Post or couriers become the sole responsibility of the client and SEW COUTURE SA cannot be held liable for any loss or damage during such delivery.

ALTERATION/CHANGES: During the construction process the designer will explain to the client what to expect and what to keep in mind (i.e. fit of the garment once completed, drape of the fabric once it has been cut etc.).If the client is unsure as to what to expect at any point or has any concerns it must be made known to the designer in order for the designer to address such concerns or issues. Any alterations/changes requested by the client that deviates from the original agreed upon design will be charged for accordingly. Any major alterations/changes, i.e. reconstructing a bodice, changing the style/silhouette of the skirt etc., requested within a 4 week period before the wedding / event will be charged at an additional minimum cost of 35% of the original quote for the garment plus any additional fabric that is required for such a change plus any additional overtime that as required. Any alterations/changes that are required due to excessive weight loss/weight gain will be charged for . Should a bride / client wish to lose weight before their wedding / event we encourage them to be at their goal weight at least 10 weeks before the actual date.

CANCELLATION: The client may cancel this contract at any time by giving written notice. The 70% deposit is not refundable, and it shall be forfeited. All fabric purchased in the possession of SEW COUTURE SA will be retained for services rendered that was not covered by the 70% deposit. In the event of a cancelation by the client after the first fitting (post mock fitting) the full quoted price will be become due and payable by the client.

 COPYRIGHT: All designs created by SEW COUTURE SA, remain the property of the designers and may not be reproduced in any way, manner, shape or form unless with the written and signed permission by SEW COUTURE SA

SEW COUTURE SA reserves their right to take appropriate legal action for any infringement of the intellectual property rights vested in the designs. Such legal action may include (but not be limited to) an interdict and a claim for damages incurred as a result of such infringement.

Kindly note that while we strive to create each bride’s/client’s dream dress/garment we do take on a few brides’/clients’ dresses/garments at a time. Therefore our time is meticulously allocated for every individual’s dress/garment and should unplanned changes/alterations be requested from one bride/client it will take away from the other brides’/clients’ time and dresses/garments. We therefore ask every bride/client to be mindful of other brides’/clients’ time and encourage them to speak up and ask questions to ensure they know what to expect rather than keeping quiet and not being happy with the outcome near the end of construction.