Fashionable Facemasks


There to protect you against the elements as well as to provide comfort if exposed to an unhealthy germ filled environment. 100% cotton lining, adjustable elastic loops can be tied around ears or around your head and will provide you with a basic filtration while being exposed to the elements. Machine washable.

Female masks average 12cm in height to touch chin and cover nose.

Unfortunately due to high demands If your selected print choice no longer becomes available to repeat with our fabric suppliers the next best print will be selected in for you.

Please Kindly Check Your Orders Before Paying.p Check That The Loaded Address & Contact Numbers is Correct. For Health and Hygiene Purposes No Exchanges And No Refunds Will Be Accepted.

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  • Army
  • Army Grey
  • Bali Black Floral
  • Beige Floral
  • Beige Leopard
  • Black Glitter
  • Black Tropical
  • Blue Jean Leopard
  • Blue Tropical
  • Blush Floral
  • Grey
  • Grey Blossom
  • Leopard
  • Orange Floral
  • Paradise Navy
  • Pink Lily
  • Red Tropical
  • Rosegold Glitter
  • Season Floral
  • Silver Glitter
  • Turquoise Floral
  • Vibrant Floral
  • Warm Spring Floral
  • White Leopard
  • Zebra
  • Black Peach Pink Tropical
  • Black Red Cherry
  • Blue Jean
  • Blue Summer Floral
  • Glam Gold
  • Mens Limited Edition 3Layer X
  • Mens Limited Edition 3Layer Skull
  • Mens Limited Edition 3Layer Wings
  • Navy Peach Pink Tropical
  • Peach Pink Summer Floral
  • Red Floral
  • Silver Blue Floral
  • Sunset Tropical
  • Navy Plain
  • Black Plain
  • Red Plain
  • White Plain
  • Pink Plain
  • White Peach Pink Tropical
  • Pastal Pink Patterns
  • Pastal Grey Patterns
  • White, Black & Blush Floral
  • Black & Blush Floral